10 reasons to love Gingers

1.) They only smell from their heads. No BO anywhere else.

2.) They do answer the question – Who is the fairest of them all? (yea, fuck off Snow White)

3.) If you hold them up to the sun you can see their organs working

4.) Their skin indicates how hard they’re working in the bedroom: If he ain’t red, then he’s dead

5.) They’re now so rare you can trade them in the Middle East for gold

6.) They’re more exotic than blonds

7.) You can pretend you’re dating a vampire when visiting hot countries

8.) They all have big pink balls – even the girls

9.) Their semen comes out at 40 degrees celsius (I shit you not)

10.) If you build up a harem you can re-enact Children of the Corn on weekends.

Go on. Love thy Ginger.


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